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Express Entry

Your fastest way towards Canadian Permenant Residency

Express Entry is a completely electronic process involving the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers.In order to best serve your needs, please choose whether you are a potential candidate for Canadian immigration or a Canadian employer interested in hiring skilled workers.

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Canada Express Entry

Canada Refugee Claim

Refugee Claim

Work with us to get you settled in Canada as a protected person.

Refugee claimants are temporary residents who request refugee protection upon or after arrival in Canada. A refugee claimant receives Canada’s protection when found to be a Convention refugee, or when found to be a person needing protection based on risk to life, risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, or in danger of torture as defined in the Convention Against Torture.

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Family Program

You can bring your family to Canda through family sponsorship program

Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada (landed immigrant) living in Canada, who are at least 18 years old, may sponsor foreign nationals who are close relatives or family members. Sponsors (Canadian citizens or permanent residents) must promise to support foreign nationals and accompanying family members (if there is any) for a period of 3-10 years in order to go through the sponsorship process.

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Canada Family Program

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what we do

Permenant Residence Application

we can help you attain your PR status in Canada efficiently and with less chances of getting refused.

Spouse and Family class Sponsorship

Sponsor your family or spouse with our help, we walk you through all what you need to unite you with your family.

Visitor, Student & Work Visas Extensions

Come visit canada, work, or extend your stay in Canada. We will help you throughout the process.

Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial nominee program helps you get your PR through a nominational program offered by each province

Live-In Caregiver

would you like to bring a live-in caregiver? we’re experinced in this area and can help you with live-in caregiver

Refugee Claims

Get canada to protect your from going back to your home country because it’s not safe for you to be there.

Humanitarian & Compassionate Cases

In extreme circumstances, the humanitarian and compassionate cases are designed to address abnormal cases.

Pre-Removal Risk Assesment (PRRA)

Are you asked to leave canada and there is a danger to yourself if you are removed from canada? this will help.

Appeals (Family class, Deportation and Residency)

Did you case get refused by the judge? you can appeal to see another judge to reconsider your case.

Translation Services

Do you have documents that needs to be translated and certified? we can help you with translation services

Interpretation Services

Do you need an intrepretor? we have one for you in the languages you need.

Canadian Citizenship

Work your path towards the candian citizenship by understand the path you’ll be walking, we help you with that.

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"The process was very smooth and you'd get what you expect from a high end immigration services consultants."

AbdulKhader K. April 21, 2016

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"Knowledgeable consultants with great and professional attitude. They know what they'e doing and are very respectful."

Tarek A. April 21, 2016


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The Blog

the Canadian law changes, and we like to keep blogging about it to keep you informed

Changes to proxy marriage cases


Proxy marriage is defined as a marriage in which one or both of the participants are not physically present and are represented by another person at the solemnization of the marriage. A telephone, fax, or internet marriage is a marriage in which one or both of the participants a

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Recent changes in immigration process

In a move that is likely to be of great benefit to immigrants to Canada who ultimately wish to obtain Canadian citizenship, the Liberal government of Canada has proposed a range of sweeping amendments to the Citizenship Act. These changes will allow people who have made the decision to immigrate to

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Syrian Refugees, 10,000 to settle as fast as possible.

The Liberal government probably will not send officials back overseas to process Syrian refugees at the pace it did during the push to bring 25,000 to Canada, but says it has told the immigration department to find creative ways to expedite private-sponsorship applications submitted before March 31.

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