Thaer - Refugee Specialist

Thaer Abuelhaija

Managing Director, Refugee Specialist

Army Veteran
Refugee Specialist

Canada Immigration and Education services Inc. was founded in 2003 by its president in Calgary Alberta Canada, since then thousands of people globally have chosen CIES for their Immigration services. At CIES we have the best technology and information to keep our clients updated with real time information.

Thaer - Refugee Specialist


Since 2003, we have been helping clients achieve their immigration goals. We have had a great track record of success with our cases and our experience and our clients can testify for that. Our business has grown over the last few years and we continue to grow and expanding our client base to various regions all over the globe.


Our mission is to be the number one Immigartion firm in Canada. We strive to give our clients the best service they can possibly have and represent them to the Immigration Refugee Board and work for their best interest. Achieving your immigration goals is what we do on a daily base.

Long-term Goals

Our long-term goals is to establish bases around the globe to be able to serve clients from various regions especially from the middle east.


Take a look at the numbers below to have an idea on what we have accomplished so far by helping local residents with their legal issues. We have also helped people from abroad to settle in Canada through various programs offered by the Canadian government.


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