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the Canadian law changes, and we like to keep blogging about it to keep you informed

    Changes to proxy marriage cases

    Background Proxy marriage is defined as a marriage in which one or both of the participants are not physically present and are represented by another person at the solemnization of the marriage. A telephone, fax, or internet marriage is a...
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    Recent changes in immigration process

    In a move that is likely to be of great benefit to immigrants to Canada who ultimately wish to obtain Canadian citizenship, the Liberal government of Canada has proposed a range of sweeping amendments to the Citizenship Act. These changes...
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    Syrian Refugees, 10,000 to settle as fast as possible.

    The Liberal government probably will not send officials back overseas to process Syrian refugees at the pace it did during the push to bring 25,000 to Canada, but says it has told the immigration department to find creative ways to...
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