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Claim Refugee from outside Canada and from inside Canada with our help

What is a Refugee Claim?

A person who is in Canada or in their home country and they have a risk to their life, risk of inhumane and cruel treatment, or risk of torture if they return to or stay in their home country, may be eligible to apply for a refugee claim.

You can apply for refugee weather you’re inside Canada or ourside Canada.

Apply for Refugee from outside Canada

There are two classes that you may fall under if you are looking to resettle from outside Canada, one being Convention refugee abroad class, to qualify you must be outside of your home country and cannot return due to the fear of persecution based on race, religion etc.

The Second class being, Country of asylum class, which is you have left your home country due to being personally affected by civil war or armed conflict, or have experienced violations of human rights.

Apply for Refugee from inside Canada

Canada offers protection to some people who are already in Canada and are afraid to go back to their home country because they may face prosecution or be in serious danger if they return.

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